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Norwegian Mineral Makeup

It started in the arctic part of Norway with inspiration from the Northern Lights. Nothing can produce beauty better than nature itself!

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Feedback From You

This liquid eyeliner is the best one I have ever tried. I really recommend it. I bought it in brown and love the color. I use it every day. It is super easy to apply, lasts me all all day and doesn't dry out :)

Kaja from Norway


Fantastic foundation that gives good coverage and lasts all day!

Tanja Pettersen from Norway

I absolutly love this product (Moist foundation) It looks really good on my skin and it is super easy to apply. It looks natural and last for a long time.

Lillian T. from Norway

This is my all time favorite blush. It always gives me that extra glow when i need it the most. 

Kristine L. from Norway