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Inspired and made from nature


The inspiration to COSMOBEAUTY Mineral Makeup comes from the Norwegian nature, specifically the arctic part of Norway and the northern lights.

The source of inspiration is clean, natural beauty produced by minerals that are not only gorgeous on their own, but that also can be used to enhance your own natural beauty. Even in the lowest light condition, nature will find a way to shine in the most spectacular colors. Just look at how the northern lights dance over the night sky, or when it hits the Norwegian mountain tops and reflects in our shimmering mineral, like Crow Silver, better known as Mica.

Did you know that some of the beaches in Northern Norway are completely pink? Colored purely by the high concentration of minerals.


It is the fascination for this sensation that created the desire to develop a natural mineral makeup for the world. We want to give people's skin the same glow, in a natural, clean and nurturing way.

Nature doesn't only have shimmering material to give you glow, but also nurturing minerals that will heal and give you healthy and fresh skin. With COSMOBEAUTY you can be sure that we are taking all measures to give you products that will both enhance your natural beauty, while keeping your skin healthy.


Main ingredients in our products are Zink that will nurture your skin and Mica that will give it glow.


We use smaller particles that are crushed 3 times more than standard, the results will leave your skin smooth, without enhancing fine lines. It also lets your skin breathe through the makeup and will not clog your pores. It is therefore perfect for all age groups.





Cosmobeauty is an all natural makeup, with no alcohol. And most important it is 100% cruelty free and has never been tested on animals.